500mbps Home Plug AV Ethernet Mini Ethernet Bridge Powerline Adapter

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The HomePlug AV Mini Ethernet Bridge operates on the HomePlug Powerline AV Specification standard, providing up to 500Mbps/500mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring is one of the smallest HomePlug AV Ethernet Bridge in the market. Combined with a broadband DSL/Cable connection, every room with electrical power outlets will have easy access to high-speed Internet connection. With the 500Mbps high bandwidth, this can provide fast streaming H-D movies, online multi-player games, other data intensive activities for today"s H-D Entertainment Center demand. With a plug and play installation, you can easily combine all of your AV electronics together and instantly enjoy your Entertainment Center from virtually any room in your home. Like all of our HomePlug AV products, this is equipped with 128-bit AES security encryption. Combining the private power grid and the 128-bit AES security encryption, this is extremely secure compared to other technologies such as network.